Rules and Regulations



The Boards of the SnowPine Village HomeOwners’ Association, Inc. and the Condominium Association have established the following rules and regulations for the overall enjoyment, comfort and continuity of the SnowPine Village Community. Violation of the following may result in termination of use, expulsion from the premises, fines or additional assessments at the discretion of the Boards.

It is the responsibility of all owners to be aware of these rules and regulations as set forth by the Boards and to inform their guests and/or renters of such. Owners will be held responsible for any liability, expense or damage caused by themselves, their guests, or renters.

1) Noise Curfew
There is a noise curfew in effect between 11:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.

2) Parking, Motor & Recreational Vehicles
a) No unregistered vehicles are permitted on the premises.
b) Parking is prohibited on all roadways.
c) Two (2) parking spaces are allotted for each unit by permit. Additional parking permits are available for property owners. Permits in excess of the first two permits will be issued on an as available basis. All permits must be prominently displayed at all times.
d) Pedestrians and skiers have the right of way at all times.
e) The speed limit is 15 MPH.
f) Parking is NOT permitted in front of stairs, fire hydrants, and trash receptacles, along roads or the entrances to parking lots.
g) No recreational vehicles, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, buses or trailers shall be operated on SnowPine Village property, roads or parking lots without prior written approval of SnowPine Village.

3) Building & Grounds
a) The exterior of all buildings must be in compliance with the bylaws of the Associations. The Architectural Standards Committee of the SnowPine Village Home Owners’ Association, Inc. and the Board of Managers of the Condominium Association must approve any change to the exterior of any building, including painting.
b) Structural changes to the interior of a Townhouse or Condominium are not allowed without the prior approval of the Architectural Standards Committee. Any changes or alterations made without approval may be required to be returned to original condition at owners’ expense.
c) Furniture used on decks must be in good condition and maintained at all times.
d) Homeowners, guests and renters may not post signs of any kind in any window or on the property (including Real Estate signage).
e) Skis are to be stored in Condominium ski lockers, on outside racks, or on unit decks/porches. Skis are not allowed to be left in the hallways or common areas inside the Condominium buildings.
f) No one may disconnect the door return, or alter any common area door in the Condominiums.
g) Condominium door locks cannot be changed without prior written approval from the Board in order to maintain the integrity of the “master key” system. It is the responsibility of owners to supply the Managing agent with a key to their respective unit/townhouse.
h) Normal day-to-day trash must be placed inside the dumpsters and must not be left on top of dumpster lids, beside the dumpsters or outside the enclosures. Please use latches on the side of the dumpster door to keep animals out of trash. Larger items (furniture, appliances, plumbing fixtures, contractors’ debris, etc.) cannot be placed in any of the dumpsters, inside or outside the enclosures. Please contact the SnowPine Village Property Management Office for information about how to dispose of such items.
i) Use or storage of charcoal, gas or propane grills is not allowed at the Condominiums. Electric grills are permissible. Stationary charcoal grills provided by the Association are located around the premises for common use. Townhouse occupants are allowed use of private charcoal, gas or propane grills at a distance of not less than 10 feet from all buildings. Storage of such grills is allowed in or adjacent to the individual’s Townhouse but not on the deck/porch.
j) Fireworks are not permitted on SnowPine Village property.

4) Skiing, Sledding, & Tobogganing
a) Compliance with the Skiers’ Safety Code is required while on SnowPine Village Property and is enforceable by Holiday Valley Patrol and/or National Ski Patrol.
b) Sledding and tobogganing are not allowed on SnowPine Village property.
c) No changes in the terrain, building of jumps, use of tables or other items for terrain changes are allowed on the premises.

5) Pets
a) Owners are responsible for their pets. Owners are allowed to have a maximum two pets (cats or dogs). Pets must be leashed and attended when on SnowPine property.
b) Owners are expected to dispose of their pet’s droppings as common courtesy dictates. These must be placed inside of the dumpsters and not left on top of the dumpster lids or around the dumpsters.
c) Renters and guests of owners are not allowed to have pets on SnowPine property.

Interpretation of these Rules and Regulations is at the discretion of the Boards.

Requests for exceptions to any of the preceding rules must be submitted in writing to the Boards for consideration. Please direct any such requests to:

SnowPine Village HomeOwners’ Association, Inc.
SnowPine Village Condominium Association
P.O. Box 958
Ellicottville, NY 14731
(716) 699-3950
(716) 699-5204 (fax)

Revised 12/08/2022

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